Seniors Bible Study

Bible Study for seniors

Seniors Bible Study
Seniors Bible Study

Seniors Bible study benefits from the fact that seniors have time but also know that not much time is left; as Mel said below, "I have to prepare myself for when I am no longer on this Earth."

Nobody needs Jesus' salvation more than those approaching the everlasting fire of hell, so whether you are a senior or the grandchild of one, please invite the seniors in your neighborhood, senior center or housing, etc., for a Bible study. The emails below provide the encouragement (also read the feedback from women's Bible study, small group Bible study, youth Bible study, family Bible study, couple's Bible study, ESL Bible study and prison Bible study), and this website provides the material, as well as a guide on How to lead a Bible study.

“I live in a senior citizen development both in NY and Florida. Doing the book of John one chapter at a time. I have learned so very much leading the study and the people that attend are so open to discussion and questions. Love it. Please let me know about other bible study chapters you have put together. Thank you.” - Mildred Belford

“Good Morning - I would like to utilize your Bible Verse Study program in my weekly Bible Study. We have a group of seniors who gather each week on Wednesday morning.” - Mary Bley, Property Manager, Pasadena, Texas

“Dear Friend, With over 60 years in the Word your site is still very valuable and delightful. I have delighted in the insights and notes through John and one cross reference that opened about 80 verses in the Gospels to me. I’ve always wondered why Jesus constantly called himself by the term “Son of Man” so many times. He only rarely uses Messiah or anointed one a couple of times freely to two lost people, and accepted Pilate’s and Chief Priest’s statements. So when you gave me the cross ref. in Daniel 7 it unlocked some 80 verses where “Son of Man” is used. Wonderful. My discovery of the year for sure. Joyfully His,” - Waylon B. Moore, Tampa, Florida

“My name is Fay Burt and i am older.... 73 yrs..... but new in really trying to study the Bible. Your explanations (studying John) has been a tremendous help to me. I wish I had it earlier in my life. My question is, I only see John and The Acts. Are there other books of the Bible that you have handled in this same manner? If so, I have not been able to locate them.... can you shed some light on this for me..... thanks for your help....” - fay

“I am a senior and new to bible studies. I find this bible study to be very helpful to me and the rest of the group. Thank you Jesus for helping me to find this study. Thank you all too.” - M. Ebright

“Hi: I found this Bible study plan, searching Google. There were many studies available which weren’t nearly as in-depth as this Bible study which is a much more thought out description of the Bible. What I like about how this is presented is that all parts of this study are broken down into bite-size bits so that I can grasp the meaning of each question. In other words, it is quite detailed... In the past, I was very involved in the church and explored many different denominations. Sometimes, I thought that I was just barely drifting by. After eight years of going to different churches, (which was a mistake on my part), I just flat out got disgruntled and confused and dropped out of the whole thing. This was back around 1981. Now, I am at a age of 79 years and not in the very best health and I need to restructure my mind and body to believe more in Christ. In other words, I have to prepare myself for when I am no longer on this Earth. That is all I want to say right at this time and hopefully, will get deeper involved with the study of the Bible. I live in a very small town which is very rural but has many, many churches. I hope to get involved in one of them. May God Bless You.” - Mel T.