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Biblical Bible Study

This online Bible study will challenge you. Instead of passively reading others' opinions about the Bible, you will study, probe and wrestle with the Word of God for yourself. You will study the books of the Bible in greater depth than they are covered in seminaries today, but in plain language and for free.

This study will train you to study the rest of the Bible on your own, discern Biblical from unbiblical elements in sermons and other messages, confirm the Bible's inerrancy, and hopefully fall (deeper) in love with Jesus Christ.

But there will be no pressure. This study just delves into the Bible. Whom you love or what you believe is left entirely to you and God. So you may be a Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, member of another religion or an atheist. This Bible study is for anyone who just wants to know what the Bible really says, as these people attest.

You can study privately online via an internet device or print a chapter, invite a few people and have a group study. There is no need for you to be the teacher per se. Just read (together) each block of verses, ask the questions below each block to the others, give them time to find the answers in the verses, and then present the answers and explanations provided.

There are other ways you can participate in this study, which will expand to cover other books of the Bible. The books already covered are machine-translated into 65 languages (click on the drop down menu above) and human translated into Chinese. If you would like to improve any of the translations, please click here.

The content of this study is free and you are welcome to share it, but please respect the copyright policy. Please feel free to start with the origin of the Bible or any of the chapters below. May God bless you.

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