The Birth of Jesus

 Exegetical Bible Study on the Birth of Jesus

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Birth Of Jesus


Luke 2:1 Bible Study: Caesar Augustus
Luke 2:2 Bible Study (A): When was Jesus born?
Luke 2:2 Bible Study (B): Quirinius
Luke 2:3-7 Bible Study: Joseph and Mary
Luke 2:8-12 Bible Study: Shepherds in the Fields
Luke 2:13-20 Bible Study: Glory to God
Luke 2:21 Bible Study: Circumcision of Jesus
Luke 2:22-24 Bible Study: Purification of Mary
Luke 2:25-35 Bible Study: Simeon
Luke 2:36-40 Bible Study: Anna the Prophetess
Matthew 2:1-6 Bible Study: Bethlehem of Judea
Matthew 2:7-8 Bible Study: Wise Men
Matthew 2:9-10 Bible Study: Star of Bethlehem
Matthew 2:11 Bible Study: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
Matthew 2:12-15 Bible Study: King Herod
Matthew 2:16-21 Bible Study: Slaughter of the Innocents
Matthew 2:22 Bible Study: Archelaus
Matthew 2:23 Bible Study: He shall be called a Nazarene
Luke 2:41-45 Bible Study: Jesus’ Parents
Luke 2:46-52 Bible Study: Jesus in the Temple
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