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Translate This Bible Study

The machine translations into 103 languages in the drop down menu (above right) are better than no translations at all but are inaccurate. And because new content will continue to be added to the original version in English, even human translations will require updating.

If you speak one of the languages in the drop down menu above, please feel free to suggest corrections as enabled online (click on the down arrow).

If you would like to translate the Gospel of John Bible study or the Acts of the Apostles Bible study into your language, please feel free to email your translation, following these guidelines:

1.  Please use the Bible version in your language that most closely matches the Bible verses quoted in English.

2.  Phrases from the Bible quoted in English should be quoted also in your translation. If the entire phrase cannot be quoted in the translation because the phrase is shortened in your language Bible, please quote at least the part of the phrase that does appear in your language Bible.

3.  While you are welcome to propose additions, changes or deletions to the content, please identify them as such proposed alterations. Please do not simply delete, change or add content to your translation, which should accurately mirror the content being translated.

If you would like to finance the human translation of this Bible study into your or another language, please advise. Among the languages with pressing need for translation are Arabic, Hindi and Chinese.

Thank you, and may God bless you.

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