Women's Bible Study

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Women Bible Study

Women's Bible Study

Some of the emails received from women who are in or teaching a women's Bible study are shared below to encourage more of them to form. All gratitude expressed have been redirected to Jesus. To be notified of studies on other Bible books that also can be used in a women's Bible study, please click here.

“I just wanted to thank you for an EXCELLENT site! I recently started a bible study for new followers of Jesus to not-sure-yet women and I have been trying to keep it very basic which is hard when there is so much information I could share and I get excited about, but this is helping me stay focused on the basics. THANK YOU! Bless you, and if you think about it say a prayer for this group of ladies! In Him~” - Tammy Forslund

“Are you planning on any more studies on other books? We have been in John for some time and are looking ahead to the next. We really have enjoyed this study… 14 women.” - Jim and Sue Christian, Baker City, OR

“I am teaching a women’s group in my condominium complex.  Your study on John 6 was very helpful.  Thank you.” - Audrey Tennant

“We are really going to enjoy studying John in our Ladies' Bible Study Group.” - Carol Smith

“Hello, I enjoyed using your Study of John recently with a group of the ladies at my church. We are planning to use your Study of Acts beginning in a couple of weeks.” - Pam Mayfield

“Good Morning, I have been praying for my sister Dorothy since 1980. Three weeks ago she gave her heart to the Lord! I am so thankful to our Savior! Since she is a new Christian we have started to do a Bible study. I searched on the internet and found your website. I really love your Bible Studies of John and Acts!! I wanted to find out if you have more than than John and Acts because I want to continue our Bible study beyond John and Acts. Do you have a book or any other guides? Thank you so much. Your study guides are bringing my sister closer to Jesus. God bless you! Yours in Christ,” - Margaret Simpson, Katy, Texas

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