Small Group Bible Study

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Small Group Bible Study
Small Group Bible Study

Some of the emails received from small group Bible studies are shared below to encourage more such small groups to form (see also feedback from women's Bible study, youth Bible study, seniors Bible study, family Bible study, couple's Bible study, ESL Bible study, and prison Bible study). All gratitude expressed have been redirected to Jesus. To be notified of studies on other Bible books that can be used for a small group Bible study, please email.

“I'm requesting your permission to use your Bible Study in our Bible Study Group in our local church. We will be studying Genesis, Luke, John, and Acts. As I have personally read and studied your studies, I have been blessed to draw more closer to the Lord and to know and love Him intimately in prayer and fasting greater. I believe with great faith that it will bless others in their personal relationships to know and love Him as well to the glory of God.” - Monica Newell-Robinson

“I came across your site today. I'm new at teaching a small group. I'm currently holding bible studies with a family of 7, along with three/four members of my church. By the Lord's Grace i am chugging along pretty well. When each week started anew I was overcome by what I would teach for a topic. Your site was a God send! And it is so well put together that anyone could take over should I not be available. I want to share this site with others if that is alright . But I'm not quite sure how to do that. Thank you so much.” - Gordon Ward, a retired Boston Massachusetts to The Philippines Christian

“Thank you for the free study of John, which is the best material I could find to share with a co-worker in a weekly study. Thank you very much and God Bless. Regards,” - Martin D. Coulter

“Hello friends, I lead a Bible study home group in Sydney Australia. We have been going through the book of Acts and I have found your website a valuable and inspiring resource. I just wanted to thank you and may God's Grace be with you always for enhancing our understanding of the gospel. blessings” - Suzie Mason

“Hi, I would like to thank you so much of your effort to put together these very useful, in depth and simple to follow bible study materials. I have been using this for our bible study class and the inspiring questions have made good discussion in the group. We all have benefit a lot from them. I would like to know, do you have materials for the other 3 gospel books for bible study? It is because we are running a Gospel bible study class at church to study all 4 Gospel books. It would be great if you have materials just like the one you did for John on the other 3 gospel books that you don't mind to share with us, so that we can benefit more on God's Word. Thank you very much, God bless your good work.” - Sam Yip

“God bless you! I was searching for something “fresh” on Jesus healing the blind man in John 9 and found your website. Thank you! Thank you! I can't say it enough, thank you. I see that you also offer some great studies with questions on the Book of Acts. Are there any other study guides like this for other New Testament books? You are making my preparation time for our “home group” so much more meaningful and effective. Thanks again,” - Kathy Culmer

“I teach an adult Sunday school class of 20 - 25 adults. Questions are always a part of our sessions and recently I discovered your website and was very impressed. Do you have coverage of other books of the Bible that provide both questions and commentary? If so, please inform me. May Christ bless your ministry.” - Ray Maki

“Hello, To God be the glory for all that He has done, thank you so much for writing this study on John, I am working with a group that really needed this writing, are you going to also write Matthew, Luke, and Romans? If so, please contact me when they are done, we are getting so much joy from reading how you have put this together. I have been looking for this method for a long time and now God has given you the assignment to do it. May God bless you as you continue to write. In His Service,” - Dorothy Blanks

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