Luke 3 Bible Study Questions

Questions for Luke chapter 3 Bible study

Luke 3 Bible Study Questions

Questions for Luke 3 Bible Study

Luke 3:1-2 Bible Study Questions

Who is “Tiberius Caesar” (Luke 3:1)?

Who is “Pontius Pilate” (Luke 3:1)?

Where are “Judea” and “Galilee” (Luke 3:1)?

What is a “tetrarch” (Luke 3:1)?

Who are “Herod” and “Philip,” and where are “Iturea” and “Trachonitis” (Luke 3:1)?

Who is “Lysanias” (Luke 3:1)?

Who are “Annas and Caiaphas" (Luke 3:1)?

Who is “John the son of Zacharias” (Luke 3:2)?


Luke 3:3 Bible Study Questions

Why did John the Baptist go “into all the region around the Jordan” (Luke 3:3) River?

What does “baptism” (Luke 3:3) mean?

What is the Biblical way to be baptized today?

What did “baptism of repentance” express?

How does baptism of repentance differ from today's baptism?

Does today's baptism require turning away from sins?

Do baptized Christians stop sinning altogether?

Should newborn babies be baptized?

Do the babies born to Christian women automatically inherit their mothers' faith and are therefore born as Christians?

Why do some churches insist on baptizing newborn babies?


Luke 3:4-6 Bible Study Questions

Is John the Baptist talking about leveling land to build a road to “prepare the way of the Lord” (Luke 3:4)?

What do "all flesh" (Luke 3:6) have in common before God?

To which passage “in the book of the words of Isaiah the prophet” (Luke 3:4) is John the Baptist referring?

What was the context of this passage?


Luke 3:7-9 Bible Study Questions

How welcoming was John the Baptist to “the crowds that were coming out to be baptized by him” (Luke 3:7)?

Did they tell him that they won't repent of their sins?

Why did John call them what he called them?

What was the fall back claim by those who lacked them?

What do “stones” (Luke 3:8) become when pulverized?

How much of an exaggeration is “God is able to raise up children to Abraham from these stones” (Luke 3:9)?

So what was John the Baptist saying to the Jews?

What pedigree do some people claim today to evince their salvation?

Where is the “fire” (Luke 3:7)?

What do most pastors shy away from when qualifying the people who come to them to be baptized?

Why don't they qualify baptism candidates as John the Baptist qualified them?

What has been the result?


Luke 3:10-14 Bible Study Questions

What would John the Baptist say to someone with a billion dollar bank account and knows about people starving in poor countries?

What would he say to someone with a thousand dollar bank account and knows about people starving in your neighborhood?

Did he tell the tax collectors to collect less than what has been appointed?

Then what would he say to those who pay taxes today?

What would he say to lawyers who launch frivolous lawsuits or doctors who perform unnecessary procedures for extra cash?

Is there anything he would say about how you earn your money?

Which items does the Bible say we need to have to be content?

Does the Bible say we need to own a house to be content?

Does it mention owning a luxury car?

What about the latest smart phone, video games or other oys?

What about all of the other things that your culture says you need to spend money on to be content?

Are you “content with your wage” (Luke 3:14)?


Luke 3:15-16 Bible Study Questions

Who is the coming “One mightier than” (Luke 3:16) John the Baptist?

What does John the Baptist mean by not being “worthy to loose” His “sandal strap” (Luke 3:16)?

How does John's water baptism differ from Jesus' baptism?

How else are they different?

If you claim to be born again, what are your feelings and desires today about the sins you used to enjoy?


Luke 3:17-22 Bible Study Questions

What is a “winnowing shovel” (Luke 3:17)?

What is the “inextinguishable fire” (Luke 3:17)?

Whom do the “wheat” and the “chaff” (Luke 3:17) represent?

How can hearing about hell be “good news to the people” (Luke 3:18)?

What question arises if hell is omitted from that good news?

Who doesn't want to hear about hell?

Did John the Baptist preach about heaven and hell or just heaven?

What about your pastor?

What evil had Herod the tetrarch done “concerning Herodias, his brother Philip's wife” (Luke 3:19)?

Why did Herod “shut John up in prison” (Luke 3:20)?

What does repenting from sin lead to?

What does refusing to repent from sin typically lead to?

Was John the Baptist imprisoned and martyred prematurely?

Why was “Jesus also ... baptized” (Luke 3:21)?

What happened while Jesus “was praying” (Luke 3:21) just after He was baptized?


Luke 3:23-37 Bible Study Questions

What was it that Jesus “began” when He “was about thirty years old” (Luke 3:23)?

What is meant by Jesus being “supposed” (Luke 3:23) the son of Joseph?

What is meant by Joseph being “of Heli” (Luke 3:23)?

Who was Joseph's biological father according to Matthew 1:16?

Why does Luke 3:23 say that Joseph was “of Heli”?

Is there a precedent in the Bible of a son/daughter-in-law being called a son/daughter?

How does the genealogy of Jesus in Luke 3 compare with the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1?

After David, why does Luke name 41 generations but Matthew only 27 generations?

Why did God even bother to give us in Luke the biological genealogy of Jesus after the legal one already given in Matthew 1?