Luke 2 Bible Study Questions

Questions for Luke chapter 2 Bible study

Luke 2 Bible Study Questions

Questions for Luke 2 Bible Study

Luke 2:1 Bible Study Questions

Who is “Caesar Augustus” (Luke 2:1)?

Why did Caesar Augustus order people to be “registered” (Luke 2:1)?

The census of 8 BC covered just the Roman Empire, so why does Luke 2:1 say that Caesar Augustus ordered “all the world” to be registered?


Luke 2:2 Bible Study Questions

When was Jesus born?

How does Luke 2:2 related to when Jesus was born?

What is the controversy?

What is the answer?

How long before 4 BC was Jesus born?

Can this range be further narrowed?

Then what about “Quirinius” in Luke 2:2?


Luke 2:2 Bible Study Questions

Who was “Quirinius" (Luke 2:2)?

Why would Quirinius lead military campaigns in Cilicia from Syria?

Who were the resident Roman governors of Syria during this period?

Then where does Quirinius fit in?

Why couldn’t Titius, Saturninus and Varus fight the Homonadenses?

Could Quirinius have been serving under Titius, Saturninus and Varus?

Why do Roman records date Quirinius' governorship of Syria to 6-12 AD?

Why isn’t there an explicit secular corroboration that “Quirinius was governing Syria” (Luke 2:2) while waging war against the Homonadenses?


Luke 2:3-7 Bible Study Questions

What is meant by Joseph and Mary being “betrothed” (Luke 2:5)?

Where are “Judea” and “Bethlehem” (Luke 2:4)?

How far did Joseph and Mary travel?

Did Joseph have Mary ride on a donkey?

Why is Bethlehem called “the town of David” (Luke 2:4)?

Where are “Galilee” and “Nazareth” (Luke 2:4)?

Where was the “guest room” (Luke 2:7) that had no space for them?

Did Mary give birth immediately after arriving in Bethlehem?

What are “swaddling cloths” and “manger” (Luke 2:7)?

What does Mary giving birth to her “firstborn” (Luke 2:7) Son indicate?


Luke 2:8-12 Bible Study Questions

Where were the shepherds?

Why is that significant?

Why does the world celebrate Christmas on December 25th?

Does paganism still affect how the world celebrates Jesus’ birth?

What was the angel doing above?

Why make this introduction to shepherds?

Does the angel introduce Jesus as the “Lamb of God”?

What do those words mean?

Do you unconditionally obey the One you call, “Lord”?


Luke 2:13-20 Bible Study Questions

What is meant by “Glory to God in the highest” (Luke 2:14)?

What did the angels express after giving glory to God?

Why would they express that toward men on earth?

What did the shepherds do upon being told about Jesus?

What did they do next?

How did the hearers react?

What are at least some of them likely to have done next?

Mission accomplished, did the shepherds congratulate themselves?

Does what the shepherd did above differ from what people should do today upon being told about Jesus?


Luke 2:21 Bible Study Questions

When was “circumcision” (Luke 2:21) performed on Jesus?

Why was circumcision performed on Jesus then?

What is the significance of the circumcision of Jesus?

How do boys heal from the wounds of circumcision?

When do levels of vitamin K and prothrombin peak during a man’s life?

When was this medical discovery made?

What does the name “Jesus” (Luke 2:21) mean?

Salvation from what?


Luke 2:22-24 Bible Study Questions

What is meant by “their purification” (Luke 2:22)?

How long did their purification require?

Why did Joseph and Mary bring Jesus to Jerusalem after their purification?

What is meant by “Every male opening the womb shall be called holy to the Lord” (Luke 2:23)?

What was offered as “a sacrifice” (Luke 22:24)?

Why (see Leviticus 12)?

What does Mary offering an extra bird instead of a lamb indicate?

What does it indicate about the wise men’s visit?


Luke 2:25-35 Bible Study Questions

What is meant by Simeon being “righteous” (Luke 2:25)?

What is meant by Simeon being “devout” (Luke 2:25)?

What is meant by Simeon “waiting for the consolation of Israel”?

What was going to be done for Jesus “according to the custom of the law” (Luke 2:27)?

What are “gerahs”?

What is the current value of “five shekels of silver”?

What is meant by “depart in peace” (Luke 2:29)?

Was Simeon sick?

Why does Simeon sound emotional?

How does Simeon differ from Christians?

What is meant by “before the face of all peoples” (Luke 2:31)?

Why did Joseph and Mary “marvel” (Luke 2:33) at what Simeon said?

Why did Simeon, who had been “waiting for the consolation of Israel” (Luke 2:25), make a declaration about Jesus being the salvation to be revealed “to the gentiles” (Luke 2:32)?

Why will Jesus and His message “be spoken against” (Luke 2:34)?

Where will they end up?

When will Mary’s soul be pierced?


Luke 2:36-40 Bible Study Questions

Who was "Anna" (Luke 2:36)?

At what age did she become a widow?

How long had she spent as a widow?

What had Anna been doing for all those years?

What is meant by “did not depart from the temple” (Luke 2:37)?

At what “moment” (Luke 2:38) did Anna come up to them?

What did Anna do upon her arrival?

What did she tell them?

Who else should have welcomed Jesus at the temple in Jerusalem?

Did they return to Galilee directly from the temple in Jerusalem?


Luke 2:41-45 Bible Study Questions

Who were Jesus’ “parents” (Luke 2:41)?

What is the “feast of the Passover” (Luke 2:41)?

What is meant by “the caravan” (Luke 2:44)?

Why would Joseph and Mary suppose Jesus to have been in the caravan?

When did they realize their mistake?

Had Jesus snuck away from the caravan and gone back to Jerusalem?

Did they look for Jesus in Jerusalem or on their way back to Jerusalem?


Luke 2:46-52 Bible Study Questions

Where did Joseph and Mary find Jesus?

Why did it take them “three days” to find Jesus there?

Why would that be the last place?

How could Jesus give “answers” (Luke 2:47) to “the teachers” (Luke 2:46) by “listening to them and asking them questions” (Luke 2:46)?

What error does Mary’s statement contain?

Does Jesus correct her?

Did Mary understand Jesus’ response?

Did she reject His words?

What should we do with Jesus’ words that we don’t understand today?