Luke 1 Bible Study Questions

Questions for Luke chapter 1 Bible study

Luke 1  Bible Study Questions

Questions for Luke 1 Bible Study

Luke 1:1-4 Bible Study Questions

Who is “Theophilus” (Luke 1:3)?

To which “us” is Luke referring in Luke 1:1 and 1:3?

What had been “fulfilled among us” (Luke 1:1)?

Was Luke the first to recount it?

What do we call those accounts today?

Since those accounts already were written, why did Luke bother to write his?

What qualified Luke to write his account?


Luke 1:5 Bible Study Questions

Who was “Herod, the king of Judea” (Luke 1:5)?

What is meant by Elizabeth being “of the daughters of Aaron” (Luke 1:5)?

What is meant by Zacharias being “of the division of Abijah” (Luke 1:5)?


Luke 1:6-7 Bible Study Questions

What is meant by Zacharias and Elizabeth being “righteous before God” (Luke 1:6)?

How can human beings be righteous - “faultless” or “sinless” - in the wider sense?

What is the difference between the Lord's “commandments” and ”ordinances” (Luke 1:6)?

Why is the righteousness of Zacharias and Elizabeth all the more commendable?

Why did they continue to obey them?

Why do we have even more reasons to obey God?

Do you obey God to receive something more from Him, or to thank, honor and draw closer to Him for what He already gave you?


Luke 1:8-11 Bible Study Questions

What was “the altar of incense”?

Where was the altar of incense?

What did burning incense on the altar or incense symbolize?

When was the “hour of incense” (Luke 1:10)?


Luke 1:12-15 Bible Study Questions

Why did Zacharias “fear” (Luke 1:13) when he saw the angel?

For what had Zacharias been praying?

What kind of news did the angel bring?

What does John being “filled with the Holy Spirit even from his mother's womb” (Luke 1:15) indicate?

What is abortion?

What about women's right to choose?

What about in cases of rape or incest?

Does “strong drink” (Luke 1:15) mean hard liquor like whiskey or vodka?

Why won't John the Baptist drink “wine or strong drink”?

What will Zacharias' son do to be “great in the sight of the Lord” (Luke 1:15)?

Who are great in the sight of seminary alumni today?

Do your choices indicate that you want to be great in the sight of the Lord or world?


Luke 1:16-17 Bible Study Questions

The angel is telling Zacharias that John the Baptist will “go before” (Luke 1:17) whom?

Before whom did John the Baptist go?

So what did the angel express?

Why does the angel bring up “Elijah” (Luke 1:17)?


Luke 1:18-22 Bible Study Questions

Who is “Gabriel” (Luke 1:19)?

Why was Zacharias made “mute” (Luke 1:20)?

What “signs” (Luke 1:22) was Zacharias making to the people waiting outside the temple's sanctuary?


Luke 1:23-27 Bible Study Questions

What type of husband returned to Elizabeth?

Why did Elizabeth hide herself for five months?

Is it true that the Lord made Elizabeth pregnant with John the Baptist “to take away [her] disgrace among people” (Luke 1:25)?

What is meant by “the sixth month” (Luke 1:26)?

Where were “Galilee” and the city of “Nazareth,” where Gabriel had been sent?

What is meant by Mary being “betrothed to Joseph” and Joseph being “of the house of David”?


Luke 1:28-34 Bible Study Questions

What was the angel's first word to Mary?

What was the angel's second word to Mary?

Why was Mary “troubled” (Luke 1:29)?

Did the angel's message to Mary get more 'normal' after the troubling initial greeting?

Why is “David” also being called the “father” (Luke 1:32) of Jesus?

What is the “house of Jacob” (Luke 1:33)?

In saying that Jesus will reign over it “forever, and of His kingdom there will be no end” (Luke 1:33), is the angel talking about Jesus succeeding its current king as the next king of Israel?

Is Mary saying that she hasn't yet met the man who will father her son?


Luke 1:35 Bible Study Questions

Why will Jesus “be called the Son of God” (Luke 1:35)?

Why did the angel say, “therefore also” (Luke 1:35) Jesus will be called the Son of God?

Didn't Jesus' existence begin in Mary's womb?

Was Jesus half God and half human during His time on earth?

What was Jesus called until He entered humanity?


Luke 1:36-38 Bible Study Questions

To which tribe of Israel did Mary belong?

To which tribe did Elizabeth belong?

Then how can Elizabeth be a “relative” (Luke 1:36) of Mary?

How “old” (Luke 1:36) was Elizabeth?

How can a such a woman, let alone a virgin, conceive a child?

What happened to Zacharias when he expressed doubt about the angel's words that his wife would conceive and give birth?

Why did Mary get off so easy?

After hearing the angel's explanation, what concern is likely to have come to Mary's mind?

What example does Mary set for us?

Which Book has God's instructions for us?


Luke 1:39-45 Bible Study Questions

How long after “the angel departed from her” (Luke 1:38), did Mary “set out” (Luke 1:39) for Zacharias' house?

Why did she set out in that manner?

Where is “the hill country” (Luke 1:39)?

What did Elizabeth call Jesus?

How did she know Him as that?

Was Mary already carrying Jesus?

Since Mary is called “blessed ... among women” (Luke 1:42), should she be worshiped as some claim based on this phrase?

With what is her blessing associated?


Luke 1:46-49 Bible Study Questions

Who is Mary's “Savior” (Luke 1:47)?

Whose greatness does Mary's soul proclaim?

Whose greatness is proclaimed by those who try to lead people into idolatry?


If Jesus can grant salvation, why can't Mary, the 'mother of God'?

Won't Jesus listen to His own mother if she petitions for us in heaven?

Can't we pray to Mary?

What are the last words spoken by Mary that the Bible records?

Was Mary rich?

Was Mary physically beautiful?

Why didn't Jesus choose to be born to a beautiful rich princess?

What “great things” (Luke 1:49) has Jesus done for Mary?

What is the even greater thing that Jesus did for Mary?

What is the greatest thing that Jesus has done for you?

Is that sufficient for you to obey and worship Him as your Lord?


Luke 1:50-55 Bible Study Questions

Why is God's mercy on people who “fear Him” (Luke 1:50)?

What is an example of God scattering “the proud in the imagination of their hearts” (Luke 1:51)?

What is an example of God putting “put down the mighty from their thrones” (Luke 1:52)?

How about exalting “the lowly” (Luke 1:52)?

What is an example of God filling “the hungry with good things” (Luke 1:53)?

How about sending “the rich ... away empty” (Luke 1:53)?

When did God tell Abraham that He will help Israel “forever” (Luke 1:55)?


Luke 1:56-62 Bible Study Questions

What did John the Baptist do inside Elizabeth's womb when Mary's voice was heard?

Who entered Mary's womb during her “three months” (Luke 1:56) at Elizabeth's house?

How do you think John reacted?

Can someone not alive feel “joy” (Luke 1:44)?

What does that say about abortion?

How long after Mary left her did Elizabeth “give birth” (Luke 1:57) to John the Baptist?

What “great mercy to” (Luke 1:58) Elizabeth from the Lord were they rejoicing over?

Why did they come to circumcise the child “on the eighth day” (Luke 1:59)?

Why were they trying to “name” (Luke 1:59) the child?

Who were they to try to name someone else's child?

Why were they trying to name him after “his father, Zacharias” (Luke 1:59)?

Why did Elizabeth declare, “He shall be called John” (Luke 1:60)?

Why were they “motioning” (Luke 1:62) to Zacharias instead of just asking him?


Luke 1:63-66 Bible Study Questions

Who were “amazed” (Luke 1:63)?

Were they amazed that Elizabeth had given birth at such an old age?

What did the amazement of Elizabeth and Zacharias' neighbors turn into?


What is the first thing that Zacharias was doing after his mouth was opened?

What is the first thing that many people do today when they open their mouth in amazement?

Do you?


Luke 1:67-69 Bible Study Questions

What is “horn of salvation” (Luke 1:69)?

To whom does “horn of salvation” refer in the Old Testament?

To whom does “horn of salvation” refer in the New Testament?

Does Jesus = God?

Why does Zacharias say God “looked upon ... His people” (Luke 1:68)?

What is “redemption” (Luke 1:68)?

How did God provide redemption for His people?


Luke 1:70-79 Bible Study Questions

Through which “prophets of old” (Luke 1:70) did God speak about His “horn of salvation” (Luke 1:69)?

What “oath” did God swear to “Abraham” (Luke 1:73)?

What is remarkable about what Zacharias doesn't mention while praising God?

Why not?

What is meant by “serve Him” (Luke 1:74)?

Didn't the Romans destroy Jerusalem and its temple a few decades after this prophecy?

Who is the “child,” and who is the “Lord” (Luke 1:76)?

How will he prepare Jesus' ways?

What is “mercy” (Luke 1:78)?

What is the punishment due for sin?

How did God grant mercy?

Who is the “Sunrise” (Luke 1:78)?

Why is He described as “Sunrise from on high” who “has come to us” (Luke 1:78)?


Luke 1:80 Bible Study Questions

Did Zacharias and Elizabeth dump off their son John “in the wilderness” when he was still a “child” (Luke 1:80)?

What did he eat in the wilderness?

What did he wear in the wilderness?

How long did he live in the wilderness?

Did he get some schooling in the wilderness?

If you had to live that long in the middle of nowhere like John lived with just God, would you like it?

Why do you want to go to heaven?