John 2 Bible Study Questions

Questions for John chapter 2 Bible study

John 2 Bible Study Questions

Questions for John 2 Bible Study

John 2:1-7 (Answers:

To what does “third day” (John 2:1) refer?

Where is "Cana" (John 2:1)?

Why do you think Jesus and his disciples were invited to the wedding?

What clues are there as to why?

Why would running out of wine at a wedding be a problem back then?

Why would Mary be helping to run the wedding feast in the first place?

Did Jesus praise Mary for telling Him that the wine has run out?

Jesus must have called her, “mother” growing up. Why does He now call her, “woman”?

If so, why did Jesus say, “My hour has not yet come” (John 2:4)?

What did Mary say after hearing from Jesus?

What else does the Bible quote Mary as having said after this?

What do you think about the description of the waterpots?

How much were “two or three metretas” (John 2:6)?

What is meant by “for the purification of the Jews” (John 2:6)?

John 2:8-11 (Answers:

What might the servants have been thinking as they approached the master of the feast?

Did Jesus come through for that wedding feast?

What’s lesson does the obedience of the servants and Nike’s marketing slogan have for us?

“What if it goes against my logic, knowledge or desires?”

What is “Lord”?

Is your Lord you or God?

"How do I know what God wants me to do?"

What does John call this changing of water into wine?

Of what?

John 2:12 (Answers:

Who went to Capernaum with Jesus, His disciples and Mary?

Jesus had brothers?

How many brothers and sisters did Jesus have?

Could “brothers” refer to those who believed in Jesus?

Could “brothers” refer to Jesus’ more distant relatives?

Could Jesus’ “brothers” be His half brothers from Joseph’s marriage(s) prior to his marriage to Mary?

What does this mean for Mary’s alleged virginity throughout her life?

What is “tektonos” in Matthew 13:55?

Does that mean “carpenter”?

Where is “Capernaum” (John 2:12)?

John 2:13 (Answers:

What is “the Passover of the Jews” (John 2:13)?

When is Passover?

Why is it called, “Passover”?

What was the requirement for the Passover lamb’s condition?

What does the Passover lamb symbolize?

What does the blood of the lamb symbolize?

Should the wrath of God aimed at sinners fall on you or pass over you?


John 2:14-17 (Answers:

What did Jesus use to cleanse the temple?

Was Jesus angry when He cleansed the temple?


How do you feel and react when God's holy name is blasphemed around you, on television, on social media, etc. to express surprise or disgust, even to cuss?

What were the money changers doing in the temple, and why did the “Jews” object in John 2:18?

How does this contrast with what the first Christians did?

Is your church like the Jewish temple or the first Christian church?

If you are an accountant, dentist, financial advisor, doctor, lawyer, etc., particularly at a large church, do you use your God-given skills to help the struggling members of your church who need your help, or do you attend your church with an eye toward drawing more paying clients?

And do any Christian leaders today run their ministry as a business?

Where does the Bible say God's judgment will begin?

John 2:18-25 (Answers:

What’s peculiar about what the Jews said in verse 18?

How did Jesus respond?

What do the Jews think Jesus meant by what He said?

What had Jesus meant?

Based on John 2:23-25, did Jesus do some miracles after all at this feast?

Why didn’t Jesus commit Himself to them if they believed in His name?

Why do many people "believe" in Jesus today?

What draws you to or drives your curiosity about Jesus?