Matthew 2 Bible Study Questions

Questions for Matthew chapter 2 Bible study

Matthew 2 Bible Study Questions

Questions for Matthew 2 Bible Study

Matthew 2:1-6 Bible Study Questions

Where was Jesus born?

Why is it specified as “of Judea”?

Where is “Judea” (Matthew 2:1)?

How large was this town?

Why was the town where Jesus will be born named as such?

Who were the “wise men from the east” (Matthew 2:1)?

Why did the prophecy say in the land of “Judah” (Matthew 2:6) instead of “Judea” (Matthew 2:5)?

Who is “Herod the king” (Matthew 2:3)?

Who is “the prophet” (Matthew 2:5)?


Matthew 2:7-8 Bible Study Questions

Who were the “wise men”?

Were there three wise men?

Didn’t the wise men present three “gifts” (Matthew 2:11)?

Why did Herod ask the wise men “what time the star had appeared”?

Why did Herod call the wise men “secretly”?

Did the wise men believe Herod’s words at face value?

What should the wise men have grasped?

How wise were these men?

Then why are they called “wise men”?


Matthew 2:9-10 Bible Study Questions

Did the star reappear to lead the wise men to Bethlehem?

Had the star been leading them toward Bethlehem for two years?

What exactly was this star that “came and stood over where the young child was” (Matthew 2:10)?

What was the star of Bethlehem?

What other evidence is there that this “star” wasn’t a typical star?

How can the Creator of the universe make what appears to be a star move across the sky from north to south and use such a star to tell the wise men that the King of the Jews had been born?

Who should have accompanied the wise men to Bethlehem?


Matthew 2:11 Bible Study Questions

What gifts did the wise men present to Jesus?

Gold is a precious metal, but what are the other two?

Why did they bring these three as gifts to Jesus?

Did the wise men meet Jesus just after His birth?

How long after Jesus’ birth did the wise men visit Him?


Matthew 2:12-15 Bible Study Questions

Who was “Herod”?

How did an Edomite become king over the Jews?

For how long did Herod rule Israel?

Why is he called, “Herod the Great”?

Did the Jews accept Herod as their king?

When did Joseph, Mary and Jesus “flee to Egypt” (Matthew 2:13)?

Why did they leave in such haste?

Who is the “prophet” (Matthew 2:15)?

Isn’t God calling His son the nation of Israel, which He led out of Egypt?


Matthew 2:16-21 Bible Study Questions

Why were boys “two years old and under” (Matthew 2:16) slaughtered?

How many innocent boys did Herod slaughter?

Who was “Rachel” (Matthew 2:18)?

Where is “Ramah” (Matthew 2:18)?

How was the prophecy of Jeremiah fulfilled?

How did Joseph, Mary and Jesus manage in Egypt?

In what year did Joseph, Mary and Jesus return to Israel?


Matthew 2:22 Bible Study Questions

Who was “Archelaus” (Matthew 2:22)?

Why was Joseph “afraid to go” where “Archelaus was reigning” (Matthew 2:22)?

Which province does Joseph appear to have considered their home?


Matthew 2:23 Bible Study Questions

When did the prophets say “He shall be called a Nazarene”?

Is it an unwritten verbal prophecy from the Old Testament era?

What is the other possibility?

Why did Nathanael say, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” when Philip told him, “We have found Him of whom Moses wrote in the law, and also the prophets: Jesus, the son of Joseph, from Nazareth”?

How many “prophets” (Matthew 2:23) spoke this prophecy?

Who could be one of them?