Acts 28 Bible Study Questions

Questions for Acts chapter 28 Bible study

Acts 28 Bible Study Questions

Questions for Acts 28 Bible Study

Acts 28:1-6 (Answers:

Where is "Malta" (Acts 28:1)?

Why was it "cold" (Acts 28:2)?

After being bitten by the viper, why did Paul shake "off the creature into the fire" (Acts 28:5)?

Why didn't Paul immediately turn to Doctor Luke for medical attention?

Why would the Maltese call Paul "a god" (Acts 28:6) and why would God let a viper bite Paul?

Besides "the natives" (Acts 28:2), who else should have been paying homage to Paul on the shore?

What was Paul doing?

Do the leaders of your church embody Jesus' servant leadership as Paul embodied?

Acts 28:7-12 (Answers:

Who was "Publius" (Acts 28:7)?

Who are the "us" (Acts 28:7)?

Who didn't heal Publius' father "of a fever and dysentery" (Acts 28:8)?

Why did God have Paul heal Publius' father?

What must they, their families and friends have heard from Paul during the "three months" (Acts 28:11) that he spent in Malta?

What happened after those three months?

What is meant by "an Alexandrian ship whose figurehead was the Twin Brothers" (Acts 28:11)?

Where is "Syracuse" (Acts 28:12)?

Acts 28:13-15 (Answers:

Where is "Puteoli" (Acts 28:13)?

How did they go "toward Rome" (Acts 28:14) from Puteoli?

Why did they get off the ship so far - 140 miles -  from Rome?

Where is "Rhegium" (Acts 28:13)?

Why did the ship carrying Paul circle "round" (Acts 28:13) to reach Rhegium from Syracuse, which is to its south?

Where are "Appii Forum and Three Inns" (Acts 28:15)?

Acts 28:16 (Answers:

Who established the church in Rome?

How many Christians did the Roman Christians greet?

To whom did the centurion deliver the prisoners upon arrival in Rome?

Why was Paul "permitted to live by himself with the soldier who guarded him" (Acts 28:16)?

Why then did the Lord have "soldiers" guard Paul?

What happened to the soldier guarding Paul (see Philippians 4)?

What did Paul's guard do in turn?

Acts 28:17-23 (Answers:

Who did Paul call after "three days" (Acts 28:17) in Rome?

Hadn't "Claudius ... commanded all the Jews to depart from Rome" (Acts 18:2)?

What "chain" (Acts 28:19) was Paul talking about?

What did Paul first establish with the Jewish leaders in Rome?

Then why was he a prisoner?

What is the "hope of Israel"?

What had the Jewish leaders of Rome heard?

What was Paul's "lodging" (Acts 28:23)?

For how long did the non-Christians who came to Paul's house sit and listen to the Gospel being preached?

After how long into a sermon or a Bible study do you start to fidget?

After how long into watching your favorite sport or television program or playing your favorite video game do you start to fidget?

Are you in love with Jesus?

Acts 28:24-31 (Answers:

What happened after Paul preached the Gospel to Rome's Jewish leaders from "morning till evening" (Acts 28:23)?

How did the unbelief of some become known?

When did the Holy Spirit speak through Isaiah the prophet as Paul mentions in Acts 28:26-27?

What did the unbelieving Jews do after leaving Paul?

Why didn't Paul hang onto them a little longer and plead with them to receive Jesus?

Is that what Jesus would have done (see Matthew 10)?

To whom are we supposed to turn?

To whom did Paul turn after the incident above?

Today, where are most of the people who have yet to hear the Gospel?

Is that where most of those who feel called to preach and teach the Bible today "feel" called to go?