Acts 11 Bible Study Questions

Questions for Acts chapter 11 Bible study

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Acts 11 Bible Study Questions

Questions for Acts 11 Bible Study

Acts 11:1-18 (Answers:

Did Peter return to Jerusalem right after meeting Cornelius?

Who were "those of the circumcision" (Acts 11:3)?

How happy were they to hear "that the gentiles had also received the word of God" (Acts 11:1)?

What did Acts 8:1 & 4 say about persecution and the spread of the Gospel?

Then why was hearing "that the gentiles had also received the word of God" (Acts 11:1) even news to them?

Why would they skip over the gentiles, and why weren't they happy to hear that the gentiles also had received the word of God?

Had God taken Peter to Cornelius to teach Cornelius?

Then had God taken Peter to Cornelius to have Peter guide the Holy Spirit falling on Cornelius' household?

Then, to do what had God taken Peter to Cornelius?

What lent credibility to Peter's testimony to those in Jerusalem?

What is remarkable about the conclusion of those who heard Peter?

Acts 11:19 (Answers:

What did Stephen do to trigger the persecution?

What did the Christians scattered by the persecution do next?

What did the "persecution" (Acts 11:19) entail?

Does such persecution still take place today?

What about in the 'developed' Western democracies?

How does persecution today differ from persecution 2,000 years ago?

What happens to where persecution takes place?

So what should we do?

Where are "Phoenicia" and "Cyprus" (Acts 11:19)?

Which Christians face persecution?

What is the flipside of Jesus' words recorded in John 15:20?

When is the last time you were persecuted for your faith in Christ?

Acts 11:20-24 (Answers:

Where is "Antioch" (Acts 11:20)?

Why had Antioch drawn those "preaching the Lord Jesus" (Acts 11:20)?

Did the Lord's invasion succeed?

How "far" (Acts 11:22) was Antioch from Jerusalem?

Why did the church in Jerusalem send Barnabas this time instead of Peter to check up on things?

What did Barnabas see in Antioch that made him "glad" (Acts 11:23)?

Did Barnabas advise them to keep up their good work - their events, activities and evangelistic outreach programs?

To whom were the new Christians added?

Acts 11:25 (Answers:

Where is "Tarsus" (Acts 11:25)?

Why did Barnabas think that Saul would be in Tarsus?

What was Saul like when he first left Tarsus?

How might Saul's family and friends in Tarsus have felt about him when he persecuted the church?

As what did Saul return to Tarsus, and how did his family and friends receive him?

Is such a reception the exception or the norm?

What had Saul been doing in Tarsus since his return?

Why did "Barnabas depart for Tarsus to seek Saul" (Acts 11:25)?

Acts 11:26 (Answers:

What is a Christian?

Why weren't the disciples called Christians before Antioch?

Was calling someone a "Christian" a compliment back then?

Why is it a derision today?

Who is a "Christian" today?

Who is a Christian according to the Bible?

What does that require?

Where do we find the words and the actions of Christ?

Is having knowledge of the Bible what makes a person Christian?

Who is "Lord"?

Does being a Christian require perfection?

Does obeying Christ make a person Christian?

"If I want to become Christian, what must I do?"

Acts 11:27-30 (Answers:

Did the prophecy about a "great famine" (Acts 11:27) come true?

Why would the "brethren dwelling in Judea" (Acts 11:29) need more help than the brethren in Antioch?

Where are the churches of 'Judea' and 'Antioch' today?

What will the Lord say to the 'church of Antioch' that turns a blind eye to the 'church of Judea' (see Matthew 25)?

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