Bible Study Translation

Each year, over 100,000 people from non English-speaking countries study the Bible using this website's English pages. If each of you were to translate just one page into your native language, your countrymen who don't speak English will also be able to learn what you are learning (Google translation is inaccurate).

You don't need to be a professional translator. The only requirement is that your translation be accurate, without any changes, deletions, or additions (If you wish to propose any addition, change or deletion, please propose it in English; please do NOT try to slip in any addition, change or deletion to reflect a theological preference you may have). And you can translate many pages or even just one page, which will get the ball rolling and prompt others who speak your language to join in.

Starting with the Gospel of John is advised, but you are welcome to translate any page currently not in your language, and then simply email it. Below is the status of the translations that have been initiated. You are welcome to join one of them or to start the translation into your language. May the Lord bless you as you help bring His Word to your people.


Translation of the study on the Gospel of John into Arabic has been initiated by an Arabic Christian, aided by his granddaughter. This brother pastors a church, feeds the poor, and is translating through the pain of fibromyalgia. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.


The study on the Gospel of John was translated into Chinese when it had 21 very long pages. Since then, the study has been expanded and divided into 207 mobile device-friendly pages. All of them need translation into Chinese but substantial portions can be copied and pasted from the previous translation.


Translation of the study on the Gospel of John into French has been initiated.


Translation of the study on the Gospel of John into Korean has been initiated.


Translation of the Gospel of John study into Portuguese has been initiated.