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Bible Study Korean Translation
Dear Korean Christian,

If you can read this, then you are Korean-English bilingual and able to translate the next page of this Bible study into Korean. In the past 12 months, 879 people from Korea used this Bible study in English. If each of you translate just 1 page of this study into Korean, Koreans who don't speak English will soon be able to use this study as well.

Simply copy the next page in English awaiting translation onto an email draft, translate it (to save time, you can use Google translator for a preliminary translation and correct it into your final translation), and then email it. Within a few days, your email will be turned into a webpage and added to this study.

You are welcome to translate 1 page, 1 chapter, 1 book, or more. You don't need to be a pastor or a professional translator. One of the translators of another language is a school girl who just wants to share the Gospel with her people. Others who translated have reported that translating made them study the Bible even deeper and were blessed times with the Lord.

Please also feel free to compare the pages that already have been translated into Korean with their original page in English. If you see any translation errors or proofreading errors, please kindly advise via email.

Lastly, the North Korean dialect is said to be different from the South Korean dialect. If you speak North Korean and wish to translate into the North Korean dialect, please advise, as we would be pleased to have a North Korean version that helps bring the Gospel to North Korea.

Thank you in advance.