John 19 Bible Study Questions

Questions for John chapter 19 Bible study

John 19 Bible Study Questions

Questions for John 19 Bible Study

John 19:1-5 Bible Study Questions

What does "scourged" (John 19:1) mean?

Why did the Roman soldiers put a "purple" (John 19:2) robe on Jesus?

Why did they put a twist "a crown of thorns and put it on His head" (John 19:2)?

What did they put in Jesus' hand (see Matthew 27)?

Did they do the above to respect or mock Jesus?

Who did the above to Jesus and where?

Where did Jesus feel the greatest physical pain?

What's wrong with Pilate's words in John 19:4 compared to what he did?

How did Jesus look to the Jews?

Why did Pilate turn into a bloody pulp a man whom he himself had declared innocent, and then showcase him to the crowd?


John 19:6-11 Bible Study Questions

Did Pilate's attempt to appease the Jews by scourging Jesus work?

What do the Jews reveal in John 19:7?

Are the Jews then telling the truth?

What does, "Therefore, when Pilate heard that saying, he was the more afraid" (John 19:8) indicate?

Why did Jesus give Pilate "no answer" (John 19:9)?

What is Pilate asking for in John 19:10?

Does Jesus comply?


John 19:12-16 Bible Study Questions

When Pontius Pilate sought to release Him, what did the Jews cry out?

Why would that touch Pilate's raw nerve?

What is striking about the declaration, "We have no king but Caesar!" (John 19:15)?

What did Pilate do after delivering Jesus to be crucified (see Matthew 27)?

What did Pilate and "the people" mean by what they did and said?

Who was right?

What ended up happening to Pilate?


John 19:17-18 Bible Study Questions

What is the Latin for the Hebrew word "Golgotha" (John 19:17)?

What does Golgotha mean?

Why is it called that?

Where is Golgotha located?

What did “bearing His cross” (John 19:17) involve?

Did Jesus carry his horizontal beam all the way to Golgotha (see Matthew 27)?

Why couldn't Jesus carry His horizontal beam all the way on His own?

Why did Simon have to comply?


John 19:19-24 Bible Study Questions

What did the chief priests ask Pilate to do?

What difference would the change have made?

Why was a "title" (John 19:19) put on Jesus' cross in the first place?

Why was it written in "Hebrew, Greek, and Latin" (John 19:20)?

Why did Pilate reply, “What I have written, I have written” (John 19:22)?

Who has the real last word?

How many soldiers "crucified Jesus" (John 19:23)?

Why couldn’t they divide His "tunic" (John 19:23)?

Did the soldiers keep Jesus' clothes because they were nice clothes?

Then what was Jesus wearing while on the cross?


John 19:25-27 Bible Study Questions

When Jesus told His mother, “behold your son” (John 19:26), to whom was He referring?

What was the relationship between His mother and the "son" Jesus referred to?

How do we know this?

So when Jesus told him to "behold your mother" (John 19:27), what was He saying?

What kind of shape must Mary have been in at this point?

What did the "son" do thereafter?

Why would Jesus send her to his place when she had other biological sons?


John 19:25-27 Bible Study Questions

Did Jesus say anything to any other human being while on the cross (see Luke 23 and Matthew 27)?

The Gospel of Matthew says both "robbers" reviled Jesus, while Luke says just one of the two did. Which account is correct?

Who were "those passing by" (Matthew 27:39) Jesus' cross?


John 19:25-27 Bible Study Questions

What happened next (see Luke 23)?

When Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34), whom was He asking the Father to forgive?

"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do" sounds like a defense of His enemies. Why would Jesus say this all of a sudden?


John 19:28-30 Bible Study Questions

Didn't Jesus refuse to drink sour wine a few hours earlier (see Matthew 27)?

Why did Jesus drink the latter sour wine but not the former (see Exodus 12)?

What does "they filled a sponge with sour wine, put it on hyssop, and put it to His mouth" (John 19:29) indicate about the height of His cross?

Why did the Romans use such short crosses instead of the towering ones seen in Roman Catholic art?


John 19:28-30 Bible Study Questions

What did Jesus say after drinking the sour wine?

After how many hours on the cross did Jesus say it?

What happened for three hours before Jesus said it (see Luke 23)?

Was it an eclipse?

So what was "finished"?


John 19:28-30 Bible Study Questions

What happened in the temple when Jesus died on the cross (see Luke 23)?

In which direction was it torn (see Matthew 27)?

So who tore it?

What did it enclose in the temple (see 1 Kings 8)?

Who could go past it (see Hebrews 9 and 10)?

What did it being torn symbolize?

What else happened (see Matthew 27)?

Why did these things happen?

How did those around the cross react (see Matthew 27)?

How about the members of Jesus' entourage (see Matthew 27)?

Who isn't named here who was named earlier?

Where was she?


John 19:31-33 Bible Study Questions

Why did the Jews ask Pilate "that their legs might be broken" (John 19:31)?

How would breaking their legs make them die faster from crucifixion?

What contributed to Jesus being "already dead" (John 19:33) while the two criminals on the crosses to His right and left were still alive?

Why would His back having been scourged expedite His death on the cross?

Why was it important that Jesus' legs remain unbroken (see Psalm 34)?

What have skeptics claimed about how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecies?

Could an imposter first die, and then withhold Roman soldiers from breaking his legs, instead make one of them spear his dead body (see next page), and then rise from the dead (see Resurrection of Jesus)?


John 19:34-37 Bible Study Questions

How do we know for sure that Jesus died on the cross?

Then why does John 19:34 say that the spear strike pierced His "side," which is below his heart and lungs?

Who had returned to the cross after taking Mary to his home?

Why else is Jesus having been pierced significant (see Zachariah 12)?

Were any other prophecies fulfilled (see Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53)?


John 19:38-42 Bible Study Questions

Who was "Joseph of Arimathea" (John 19:38)?

Where had Joseph of Arimathea been when Jesus was crucified?

If so, how must he have felt?

What did Joseph do after Jesus died (see Mark 15)?

What does Pilate granting the body of Jesus to Joseph imply?

Who is "Nicodemus" (John 19:39)?

How much mixture of myrrh and aloes did Nicodemus bring?

Who brought the "linen" (John 19:40)?

Where was Mary, the mother of Jesus?

How "nearby" (John 19:42) was the tomb to Golgotha?

How ironic is it that two members of the council that caused Jesus to be crucified should also bury Him?

Should you feel any less remorse today than Joseph of Arimathea felt then, over your sins that required Jesus to be crucified on the cross?