John 18 Bible Study Questions

Questions for John chapter 18 Bible study

John 18 Bible Study Questions

Questions for John 18 Bible Study

John 18:1 Bible Study Questions

What "words" had Jesus "spoken" (John 18:1)?

From where did Jesus go "out" (John 18:1) with His disciples"?

Into which "garden" (John 18:1) did they then enter (see Luke 22 and Mark 14)?

Which disciples stayed with Jesus as He prayed in the garden?

Where were His disciples while He prayed?

What did Jesus tell them to do?

What did they end up doing?


How was Jesus feeling?

Is Luke 22:44 a figurative description of how Jesus felt?

What does Jesus implore God the Father while feeling as He did?

Why does Jesus seem to be wimping out in Mark 14:36? Why can’t He man up and say, “Give me that cup"?

What was in the "cup"?

Does Jesus have any experience tasting even one drop of this stuff?

With whom has Jesus been in communion since forever?

How will that be affected when He becomes sin?

What did Jesus cry out to God the Father while hanging on the cross (see Mark 15)?

Why did Jesus drink the cup?

What does Jesus' resurrection prove about His blood and what He drank?

What was Jesus' 'final word' on what He wants from God the Father (see Mark 16 and Luke 22)?

Is that your prayer when God tells you to do something that you dislike?

How much distress does it cause you when you think about being on your own apart from God?

Are you as revolted by your sins as Jesus was with the cup's content?


John 18:2-3 Bible Study Questions

Who is "Judas, who betrayed Him" (John 18:2)?

How did Judas know to find Jesus at this time in the Garden of Gethsemane, which is at the base of the Mount of Olives?

Whom did Judas Iscariot bring with him?

Where were the chief priests and Pharisees?


John 18:4-9 Bible Study Questions

How did the mob that included the Roman soldiers react when Jesus identified Himself as "Jesus of Nazareth" (John 18:5)?

What did Jesus then have to do?

Why did they draw back and fall to the ground and not believe Jesus the first time? And why had so many of Roman soldiers come?

Did they see Jesus' disciples?

So why had Jesus gone "forward" (John 18:4) and identified Himself?


John 18:4-9 Bible Study Questions

What convinces the mob that it is Jesus (see Matthew 26)?

Did Jesus know the meaning of Judas' kiss (see Luke 22)?

Did Jesus' eleven disciples understand the meaning of Judas' kiss?

How did His eleven then react?

If they are going to "strike with the sword" (Luke 22:49) who would you expect to be their first target?

Is that what happened?

What happens next, before Jesus answers their question in Luke 22:49?


John 18:10-12 Bible Study Questions

Who did Peter strike with a sword, and what mortal blow did he inflict?

What does the detail in John 18:10 imply about this account and the victim's attire?

Why did Peter attack him instead of the expected target?

To what "cup" (John 18:11) is Jesus referring?

What else did Jesus say to Peter when he swung his sword (see Matthew 26)?

How many angels would that be?

What kind of damage would they be capable of (see Isaiah 37)?

What could Jesus have done?

Instead, what did Jesus do?

What was the victim doing there in the first place?

So in front of whom did Jesus perform His last healing miracle?

Who had dispatched Judas to fetch the troops who will arrest Him?

Who "went forward" (John 18:4) and identified Himself when they arrived?

Who had the power to kill everyone who came but did not use it, and instead "permit" (Luke 22:51) Himself to be arrested?

So, who directed and controlled the arrest of Jesus?


John 18:13-16 Bible Study Questions

Who was the high priest that year?

To whom was Jesus taken first?

Why would Jesus be taken first to the father-in-law of the high priest?

When did Caiaphas advise "the Jews that it was expedient that one man should die for the people" (John 18:14)?

Who was the “another disciple” (John 18:15)?

They went to the house of which high priest - Annas or Caiaphas?


John 18:17-24 Bible Study Questions

What did the servant girl ask Peter in John 18:17)?

Where was Peter when the servant girl asked him this question?

Why did the servant girl ask Peter that question after letting him inside?

Did Annas hold a trial in John 18:19-21?

What is Annas interested in?

How does Jesus respond?

How did "one of the officers" (John 18:22) of the temple guards hit Him?

For what perceived reason?

What is ironic about that?

Where did Annas send Jesus?


John 18:25-27 Bible Study Questions

How did Jesus look at Peter in Luke 22:58-62)?

Was Peter a coward?

What was Peter doing in the high priest's house in the first place?

Was Peter hoping to not be recognized?

So why did Peter stay and deny Jesus three times?

Did Jesus need Peter's protection?

Does Jesus need our protection today?

What should Christians do when people attack and blaspheme Jesus?


John 18:25-27 Bible Study Questions

What is happening to Jesus while Peter is denying Him (see Matthew 26)?

Had Jesus really said, "I am able to destroy the temple of God and to build it in three days" (Matthew 26:61)?

So what three falsehoods are in their accusation?

Since they had already decided to kill Jesus and now have Him in their custody, why are they bothering with testimonies and witnesses?


John 18:25-27 Bible Study Questions

Is anything else wrong with the Sanhedrin's trial of Jesus?

Why were they asking, "Who is the one who struck You?" (Luke 22:63-64) as they struck Jesus?

Did they make an attempt to clean up at least some of the 8 illegalities (see Luke 22)?

Which of the above illegalities did they clean up?

Did Jesus help or hinder them in their efforts?

Why would Matthew 26:64-65 make it easy for them and bring about accusation of "blasphemy"?

How about at daybreak in the temple precinct?

Why was the reason for Jesus' death sentence important?

So whose testimony enabled their verdict?

Who is in control of these developments?


John 18:28-30 Bible Study Questions

What and where is "Praetorium"?

Why didn’t they want to go inside the Praetorium?

Who is "Pilate" (John 18:29)?

Why did he have to go "out to them" (John 18:29)?

What is the Jews' initial response to Pilate's opening question?

Why do they respond in such vague terms?

Who had gone to arrest Jesus a few hours earlier?

Who must have approved the deployment of ten percent of his legion?

To win that approval, what must the Jews already have done?

Then why did Pilate ask them, "What accusation do you bring against this Man" (John 18:29)?

What does the response of the Jews - "If he were not an evildoer, we would not have delivered Him up to you" (John 18:30) - amount to?


John 18:31-32 Bible Study Questions

What is Pilate telling the Jews?

Why do the Jews respond, “It is not lawful for us to put anyone to death” (John 18:31)?

How does their reply to Pilate fulfill what Jesus had said about "what death He would die" (John 18:32)?

What do the Jews tell Pilate next about Jesus in Luke 23?

Are they right (see Matthew 22)?

Then why did the Jews lie about Jesus to Pilate?


John 18:33-35 Bible Study Questions

Where does Pilate question Jesus?

How serious was Pilate when he asked Jesus, "Are You the King of the Jews" (John 18:33)?

Then why did Pilate pose the question at all to Jesus?

How does Jesus reply to Pilates question?

What does Pilate mean by, "Am I a Jew? Your own nation and the chief priests have delivered You to me" (John 18:35)?

What does Pilate mean by "What have You done" (John 18:35)?

What does Pilate already appear to have ruled out?

What must the Roman officers who led the six hundred Roman soldiers to arrest Jesus have reported to Pilate after returning to their barracks?


John 18:36-38 Bible Study Questions

How does Jesus answer Pilate's question, "What have You done" (John 18:35)?

By "My servants" (John 18:36), is Jesus referring to His disciples?

Why does Pilate again ask Jesus if He is a king?

How does Jesus respond to Pilate this time?

Where is the answer to Pilate’s question "What is truth? (John 18:38)"

Why did Pilate suddenly go out again to the Jews and tell them, "I find no fault in Him at all" (John 18:38)?

How did the Jews react to Pilate's declaration of Jesus' innocence (see Luke 23)?

What are the Jews trying to do in Luke 23:5?

What does Pilate pick up?

Which Herod was this?

Where was this Herod?


John 18:36-38 Bible Study Questions

How did Herod react to Jesus (see Luke 23)?

Why did Jesus ignore Herod?

Why did Herod send Jesus back to Pilate "arrayed in a gorgeous robe" (Luke 23:11)?

What did Pilate do next?

What is wrong with Pilate’s statement in Luke 23:14-16?

Why did Pilate volunteer to "chastise" Jesus?


John 18:39-40 Bible Study Questions

Was Barabbas' only crime robbery (see Mark 15 and Matthew 27)?

Did Pilate know the Jews’ real motive for wishing to have Jesus killed?

How might his wife's message have influenced that impression?

Why did Pilate offer Barabbas as an alternative to Jesus?

Did it work?