How To Lead A Bible Study

How to lead a group Bible study

How to lead a Bible study
How to Lead a Bible Study

1.  Pray in advance and ask God to draw, open and protect the footsteps, ears, minds and hearts so that His seed can fall on good ground (Matthew 13:23), for no one can come to Jesus unless the Father draws him or her (John 6:44).

2.  To start the first gathering, have everyone briefly introduce themselves by sharing (A) their name; (B) their faith background or lack thereof; and (C) why they have come to the study (repeat #2 and #3 below for new participants.)

3.  Welcome everyone and then state that the study has only one rule: since it is a "Bible study" and not a debate about denominational doctrines, all views expressed must cite a Bible verse that support them. Anyone who wants to share what they heard from tele-evangelists, pastors, seminary faculty, etc. should contact them to get the Bible verses that support their opinions before sharing them in the study. Otherwise, everyone else in the study has the right to flash the "V" sign with their fingers to request the speaker to stop and indicate the "Verse" that supports what they are saying.

4.  Once everyone has agreed to #3 above, pray or ask another Christian in the group to pray to open the study.

5.  Read together or pick one person to read the first block of Bible verses, and then the question below the verses.

6.  Give time for everyone to look for the answer in the verses just read, and then voice the answer. Thereafter, present the answer below the question.

7.  Read together or have the person who just read pick another person at random, which is better than going around in a circle for keeping everyone on their toes, to read the next block of verses.

8.  Repeat #5 to #7 as many times as desired.

9.  Have another Christian pray to close the study.

10.  Advise that those who want to preview and work on the questions before the next gathering can visit the questions-only handout for each chapter (e.g., Anyone who wishes to print the page can click on "File" and then "Print."

Bible Study Leading Tips

A.  If the Bible study is held in your home, don't feel pressured to offer food, which makes some people sleepy if offered before the study. The main draw to your study should remain the Bible, and people with that draw will come irrespective of physical food being or not being offered.

B.  Uphold #3 above. Initially, some people will attend the Bible study to meet people, others to be heard, and still others because they have been sent by Satan to disrupt and lead new sheep astray. The Word of God will change some of them and their priorities, but if anyone continues to violate #3 above, uninvite them in order to protect the (new) sheep.

C.  Focus on the quality of content, not the quantity of attendees. If you introduce this Bible study into an existing "Bible study" group whose focus has been socializing, expect its attendance to halve or more before the Lord refills it with people who truly want to learn His Word. But even if He doesn't fill it, focus solely on the content and leave the attendance numbers entirely up to Him. You will find that the sweet time you spend with the Lord in prayer and preparation before the gathering is the cake, and the gathering is the icing.

D.  Among adults, men's Bible study, women's Bible study, or couples Bible study creates less distractions than a Bible study for singles of both genders, the women of which should be invited to notify you if anyone is making them feel uncomfortable, let alone harassed.

E.  Ask everyone to direct all gratitude and glory only to Jesus.