Birth of Jesus

 Bible study on the birth of Jesus

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Birth Of Jesus


Jesus wasn't born on December 25 (for the Biblical timing of the birth of Jesus, see Shepherds in the Field), and Bible reading and studying plummet across the world to their lowest annual levels during the four weeks of commercialism leading up to December 25. This short but in-depth Bible study on the birth of Jesus helps us to celebrate our Savior as He instructed us in the Bible.

Luke 2:1 Bible Study: Caesar Augustus
Luke 2:2 Bible Study (A): When was Jesus born?
Luke 2:2 Bible Study (B): Quirinius
Luke 2:3-7 Bible Study: Joseph and Mary
Luke 2:8-12 Bible Study: Shepherds in the Fields
Luke 2:13-20 Bible Study: Glory to God
Luke 2:21 Bible Study: Circumcision of Jesus
Luke 2:22-24 Bible Study: Purification of Mary
Luke 2:25-35 Bible Study: Simeon
Luke 2:36-40 Bible Study: Anna the Prophetess
Luke 2 Bible Study Questions (handout)
Matthew 2:1-6 Bible Study: Bethlehem of Judea
Matthew 2:7-8 Bible Study: Wise Men
Matthew 2:9-10 Bible Study: Star of Bethlehem
Matthew 2:11 Bible Study: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
Matthew 2:12-15 Bible Study: King Herod
Matthew 2:16-21 Bible Study: Slaughter of the Innocents
Matthew 2:22 Bible Study: Archelaus
Matthew 2:23 Bible Study: He shall be called a Nazarene
Luke 2:41-45 Bible Study: Jesus’ Parents
Luke 2:46-52 Bible Study: Jesus in the Temple
Matthew 2 Bible Study Questions (handout)
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