Acts 10 Bible Study Questions

Questions for Acts chapter 10 Bible study

Acts 10 Bible Study Questions

Questions for Acts 10 Bible Study

Acts 10:1-5 Bible Study Questions

What is "the Italian Regiment" (Acts 10:1)?

What is a "centurion" (Acts 10:1)?

What was Cornelius doing in "Caesarea" (Acts 10:1)?

To which "people" (Acts 10:2) did Cornelius give alms generously?

What is meant by Cornelius being a man who "feared God" (Acts 10:2)?

What time did the angel come to Cornelius?

Why did Cornelius call the angel, "Lord" (Acts 10:4)?

How must Cornelius have given "alms" (Acts 10:2)?

How must Cornelius have "prayed" (Acts 10:2)?

Had the angel come to answer Cornelius' prayers?

How do you pray and give alms?


Acts 10:6-11 Bible Study Questions

Where in Joppa was Peter staying?

Why was Peter staying with a tanner poignant and significant?

Why were tanners considered that (see Leviticus 11)?

Who were Cornelius' emissaries to Peter?

Did Cornelius simply order them to go and get Peter?

Why did Cornelius do that?

How far is Joppa from Caesarea?

When did Cornelius' emissaries leave Caesarea and arrive in Joppa?

Where did Peter go to pray?

What then happened to Peter?

How big was the "great sheet" (Acts 10:11)?


Acts 10:12-15 Bible Study Questions

What is wrong with Peter's response to God in Acts 10:14?

What is Peter's protest (see Deuteronomy 14)?

What common traits distinguish the "clean" animals, fish and birds that God allowed, from the "unclean" ones that He disallowed as food?

What about the "hare" (Deuteronomy 14:7), which is a herbivore?

Why is God telling Peter to now eat everything?

Is it certain that the aforementioned animals can now be eaten (see Mark 7 and Acts 21)?

What are examples of "things offered to idols" (Acts 21:25)?


Acts 10:16-23 Bible Study Questions

What was "done three times" (Acts 10:16)?

Why was it done three times?

What had the emissaries done while Peter was seeing his vision?

Who really had sent the emissaries?

Who engineered the impending meeting between Peter and Cornelius?


Acts 10:24-33 Bible Study Questions

What did Peter mean by telling Cornelius, "Stand up: I myself am also a man" (Acts 10:26)?

Which human being today claims to be a descendant of Peter?

What is the least he should do when people kneel in front of him?

What else had Peter figured out by this time?

How much time had elapsed between the angel's appearance to Cornelius and Peter arrival at Cornelius' house?

Was Cornelius wrong to say that he saw the angel "four days ago" (Acts 10:30)?

When did Cornelius prepare to share the Gospel?


Do you love your relatives and close friends?


Acts 10:34-35 Bible Study Questions

Why should we fear God when He called us His friend and children?

How much more does God favor an affluent Christian in a 'developed' nation compared to a poor one in a 'developing' nation?

Is Peter saying that to be "accepted by" God, a gentile must be one who "works righteousness" (Acts 10:35)?

What is exceptional about the statement quoted in Acts 10:34-35?


Acts 10:36-41 Bible Study Questions

Why does Peter say Jesus is "Lord of all" (Acts 10:36)?

How can Jesus be the Lord of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and atheists who don't believe in Him (see Colossians 1)?

What happens to those who don't acknowledge that Jesus is Lord (see Philippians 2)?

What is meant by "under the earth" (Philippians 2:10)?

Of the three places referred to in Philippians 2:10 - heaven, earth and hell - which is the least desirable place from which to recognize and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord?

How does Peter know that those gathered "know" (Acts 10:37) about Jesus and His earthly ministry?

How is Peter's knowledge of Jesus different from theirs?

To how many people did Jesus appear after His resurrection (see 1 Corinthians 15)?

Were they that many random people?

Is it true that they even "ate and drank with Him after He arose from the dead" (Acts 10:41)?


Acts 10:42-48 Bible Study Questions

How did Peter and the Holy Spirit coordinate when the Holy Spirit would fall upon them?

What was Peter in the midst of saying?

Why might the Holy Spirit have chosen that moment to fall upon Cornelius and his company?

Who were "those of the circumcision" (Acts 10:45)?

Why were they "astonished" (Acts 10:45)?

Does Peter take the time to explain things and calm their astonishment?

What did they do thereafter?

When is the last time you stayed with or invited into your home a Christian from another social class, race or country?