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Bible Study Online - Indepth, verse-by-verse & exegetical

Bible Study Online

This online Bible study teaches the Bible verse-by-verse, in-depth and in plain English for free. Pastors use this online Bible study (read their comments), as do new believers and even non-Christians.

This Bible study will also teach you how to probe and study the Bible, discern Biblical truth from unbiblical elements in sermons, confirm the Bible's inerrancy, and hopefully lead to falling (deeper) in love with Jesus.

But there is no pressure. Whom you end up loving or believing is left up to you and God. So you may be a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, member of another religion or an atheist. This Bible study is for anyone who just wants to learn what the Bible really says, as these people attest.

How do I use this Bible study?

You can use it privately or in a group study (e.g., church, school, office, youth, men’s or women’s Bible study). If the latter, you don't need to be the teacher per se. Just read (together) each block of Bible verses, ask the question below each block to the group, give everyone time to find the answer in the verses just read, and then present the explanation provided.

If using a smart phone, flip to landscape orientation for better view. To study in a language other than English, click on “Select Language” (top right). To print on paper, simply click on ‘File’ and then ‘Print’ from your web browser. (The content of this Bible study is free and you are welcome to share it, but please respect the copyright policy.)

What can I do to help?

Link to the pages of this Bible study from your Facebook page, blog or website. If you wish to translate this Bible study into your language or sponsor a translation into your or another language, please advise. (The Gospel of John already has been translated into Chinese by a volunteering Chinese Christian.) All other comments, questions, corrections and suggestions are also welcome.

Why are some of the “you,” “your,” and “yours” in color?

Modern English doesn't distinguish between singular and plural forms of the second person pronoun (“you” vs. “you guys”). To make this distinction, all plural forms of the second person pronoun (“you guys”) in the Bible’s original languages are shown in English in color as you,” “your,” and yours.”

Why are some of the past tense verbs also in color?

See Historical Present Tense.

Who gets credit for this Bible study?

See credit 1 and credit 2.

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